What happens if I don’t use my credit card?

You don’t use your credit card … Do you know what to do in these cases? Do you have to pay any cost? In the next column we are going to comment on the different cases that can occur when we do not use our credit card .

What happens if I don’t use my credit card?

There are two options if you do not use your credit card and both differ in their obligations

  1. I receive the credit card but I do not activate it:  This becomes a simple plastic and as long as I do nothing with it, it is an ornament … without any obligation and nothing to pay for it. If I don’t use my card at all, there are no payments to consider.
  2. I receive and activate my credit card: The obligations begin here and if I do not use my card, by activating it, I will have to pay the maintenance, which is the cost of owning a credit card.

What happens if I don’t use my credit card? I receive the credit card but I do not activate it

If you do not use the card , nor do you activate it, you do not have to pay anything each month, in fact you do not pay the maintenance until the first month you use it, that is, you hire the card in January and activate it only in July, then approx. Your account statement arrives in August and then you make your first payment.

And as long as you don’t make purchases, you will only pay for maintenance. As long as you don’t activate it, there are no payments to consider. If a long period of time passes and the card expires , it dies due to non-use of the card. …


What happens if I don’t use my credit card? I receive and activate my credit card

credit card is an excellent financing instrument, as long as it is handled responsibly if you have one and activate it, use it! Because they are going to charge you for maintenance anyway, whether you use it or not. This is an annual charge for owning it.

The most recommended thing is that when you make a charge to your card you opt for interest-free monthly payments, many businesses offer this method of payment. But you must do your calculations well because the best option is that the monthly payment that you will pay is not greater than 15% of your monthly income, this adding all the charges that can be accumulated in successive simultaneous purchases.

If you do not make your payment on time, they could charge you a fee for non-payment, or for delay and if it is too much, charges for collection costs will be added.

What happens if I don’t use my credit card? To use or not to use?

It is the thought upon receiving your first card. There are two points to consider:  

  • If you are an impulsive person who cannot resist having money in hand, and flies to spend it… maybe it would be good to forget about the card until you control this issue.
  • If, on the other hand, you are a responsible person, who knows how to measure yourself. The card can help you with order, security and that you will not need to carry cash, and perhaps benefit from a point system that favors you. And also the possibility of accessing some purchases in which it is only allowed to do so with a card, especially online stores. The fact of having good credit is to say a good behavior in payments, with your credit card, in the future it will help you to opt for other benefits, such as a credit for something important …

TIPS to help you decide to use or not to use the credit card

Tips to help you decide whether to use or not to use a credit card :

  • Having a credit card is not having greater purchasing power.
  • What you spend on cards, you are reducing it from your salary.
  • Plastic money or credit cards are a very, very dangerous double-edged sword: On the one hand, they create the perception of being in an advantageous financial situation and on the other hand, they eat away at your salary little by little. .

To use or not to use my credit card?

Here are some tips to use your credit card :

  • Do not use them to pretend to others that you have money, because it is a lie: What you have is the ability to lower your salary at will.
  • Do not use credit cards to buy things that are not really necessary.
  • Do not use them by paying in installments, to buy what you can pay in cash, even when you have to make a little effort.
  • Try to pay off your total balances every month, or at the very least, make large payments to prevent the total balance on your cards from spiraling out of control.
  • Think for a moment what would happen if you were left without a job and, even so, you had to face the payment of large sums to your credit cards, would it help you? Would you then feel a free and successful person? Or will you have an immense regret for having abused something that could be an interesting help?

Credit card usage tips 

When using the credit card there are tips and considerations regarding its use and security. Regardless of the credit card, whether it is one of the  best credit cards  or not, the advice is the same regardless of which financial institution it is from:

  • Secret code: it should only be handled and known by the credit card holder.
  • Choose a secure password: Do not use easy, known, popular or obvious keys to deduce, such as dates of birthdays, anniversaries, names, surnames or series of 4 consecutive numbers.
  • Do not share the card:  Never lend the credit card since it is unique and non-transferable by its holder.
  • Security at the ATM:  When taking the credit card to the ATM, they must make sure that no one is near or going around, that the ATM works correctly and, not forget the credit card at the ATM.
  • Report: If you have a problem, theft or scam you should contact the entity immediately.