USES of flood lights

A flood light fixture is a powerful light source for outdoor environments. The most common application of these lights can be seen in any such outdoor environment which requires daylight like light around nighttime.

These places include stadiums, parking garages, malls, ports, building exteriors etc.

All these spaces are functional around night time so they require bright light to provide visibility, safety and comfort.


Structure of a flood light

Flood lights are typically made up of resilient durable material which can withstand harsh weather because these fixtures are installed outside. They are IP rated for safety against water seeping through and ruining the fixture.



The housing is made up of aluminum or die-cast aluminum.This housing provides durability to the structure and increases the efficiency of the fixture.

Heat sink:

It has a built-in heat sink which efficiently dissipates heat as compared to regular fixtures.

LED driver:

Built in LED drivers in LED flood light fixtures make them much more efficient than traditional fixtures.

Glass lens:

The glass lens is made up of highly resistant glass which has two functions. 1. Safety 2. Uniform spread of light.

Mounting brackets:

These fixtures come with a variety of mounting options for better positioning and effective lighting at any elevation.

The most common mounting options being yolk mount, bracket mount, arm mount etc.



Application of flood lights


Flood lights are largely used outdoors for various reasons. The common application are:


Architectural lighting

The most common and wide application of flood light fixtures is around popular or monumental buildings around the city. Most businesses or big brands use various cut out designs for highlighting the logo or any useful space around the building.


Facade lighting

Facade lighting is a general application of flood lighting. To create various lighting effects or to make the place appear more inviting and safe facade lighting is applied widely. Flood lights have adjustable and wide beam angles of around 120 degrees which can also be directed in any direction.



Ports and stadiums

Ports are usually functional round the clock, for proper loading, unloading and transportation of goods really bright lights are required. Use of flood light fixtures also increases safety.

In stadiums, night matches, concerts or other events extra lighting is required to accommodate large gatherings of people so large high powered flood light fixtures are used.




At homes, security lighting is essential, most residential backyards have floodlights installed around the yard or streets around the house to make the place appear safe and approachable for visitors.



Generally busy streets around commercial or residential spaces require bright light for safety and security so flood light fixtures can be installed around all such streets facing the buildings.




These lights are highly versatile and have a variety of uses outdoors. LEDs provide the best lighting with cost effectiveness as they are available in a range of designs and lumen outputs to meet any kind of outdoor lighting needs. Most of these fixtures can be integrated with motion sensors for extra security and are also portable which means they can be carried around whenever needed. LED also allows changeable colour temperature and various colour output due to high CRI which is common in spot light

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