Use your Credit Card properly

Track for optimal management of your cards

Using your credit card allows you to have, in a simple way, a written record of your expenses by categories. This helps you know where you are spending your money and how you could save more. It is a basic instrument for traveling, checking in at hotels or renting a vehicle. It gives you security against cash. In addition, you can pay for your purchases in any country, because it is accepted worldwide. Do not forget that it is also the most used means of payment to buy online. To carry out operations through electronic channels or online purchases with your card, it is recommended that you only do so from your home or office computer to guarantee a safe environment. As a precaution, it is better that you do not carry out financial operations online from public booths. It is important that you follow the recommendations to maintain your personal finances in a healthy way, your credit card is a solution and not a problem. Take note! 

•  Be very clear about your limits

We invite you to  be prudent and request a credit quota appropriate to your economic reality , since if it is above what you can pay, you can over-borrow and risk the health of your finances. 

•  Credit expenses are a budget

As in all aspects of having healthy personal finances, the best way to achieve this is by making  a monthly budget in which you list all the expenses you have to face , including the payment of the credit card and income. that you have every month for your work. So you will know how much you can spend. 

•  Never lose sight of the amount

Many consumers when they have a credit card are not aware that this money must be returned later and, therefore, they use the card without care. That is why  when you make your purchases or transactions through this medium you should never lose sight of the amount that you have registered in your account , so that you can better control your finances. 

•  Pay on time

Credit cards can help you make credit payments that you may not be able to with other products, however, paying that financing is essential to keep your finances healthy. That is why one of the main recommendations is that you  always pay your bank bills on time.

•  Take advantage of your credit card loyalty plans.

You will access exclusive discounts in certain establishments or you can accumulate miles , which you can redeem for hotel stays, air tickets and many other benefits. These bonuses can be used as extra money. Use them wisely and they will help you with your budget. 

Never put the access code (PIN) for withdrawals at ATMs so that a third party can have access to it.  Do not receive help from other people while you are using the ATM and only pay attention to the warnings that the ATM screen presents to you (always be wary of signs attached to the machine). It is important that you do not give information about your card to third parties. 

If you use your credit card wisely, it will be  a useful tool to complement your purchasing power in times of low liquidity  . For example, you will have an automatic credit on hand to solve unexpected payments or respond to any contingency. In case of need, you can have cash through the ATMs. Your credit card is a means of payment that will become an essential part of your everyday life when handling your personal or family finances.