Sticky Red: A Bodycount Compendium: February 2020

Only few works but it all depends on what we know about specific software. Study the basics of copywriting, create specific sales pages for your offerings, and even consider creating sales funnels that lead people to an end goal. Also they are very significant for many Aboriginal people – it is known by the name of “Bunjil”. We are now about to strut the gate at which point there is no turning back so make absolutely sure everything is square now. If you’re handy with the dpns or circulars, work the mitt in the round to bottom of thumbhole, then back and forth to desired height of thumbhole, then in the round to the end. I was still in shock so I mumbled something about “stay in school and get a good education” and that got a huge round of applause. Happy Pongal, I told the children that their teachers teach from their hearts and to never take their education for granted. I told them that they were the future of India and with their education they could change the world, that they could be anything they wanted to be.

I told them that I had read in the paper that morning that Pongal is like the American Thanksgiving and I explained a little about what Thanksgiving meant, about giving thanks, having gratitude. My head was throbbing, especially after having to carry him into the house, he weighs a LOT! Adding to the family is Nubbins “The Hitchhiker” Sawyer’s twin brother Chop Top, who remains a fan favorite and a cult recognized character that, while not having the same air of unsettling presence as his brother, provides enough grue and gags with his eccentric nature and laughable ramblings. Failing to put blank panels behind empty rack shelves, which inhibits air from flowing up. Maybe I should make people take it out and put it on their nose like my teachers did in elementary school. FRONT LOOP ONLY- Abbreviated in patterns as flo; When crocheting, the ‘default’ way of working a stitch is to put your hook through both the front and back loops of the stitch you are working into.

The ever riotous Yoga Dawg is a member calling Yoga is Life the “Hip New Yoga Network” (thanks, Y Dawg!) Some of my own students are members. Time for another yoga rant. I just started a new blog where I will rant and muse about things other than yoga and India and time will tell how prolific I’ll be with that one. Here’s my first one on yoga and ageism. I started this blog in 2005 to write about my first trip to India and it’s morphed into something larger than that. I started to cry. I took the perfect Pongal picture — a picture of the pot just as the rice started to boil over. Pongal pot of rice was boiling, the teachers presented me with a Pongal gift — a towel that they draped over my shoulders. Pongal custom to boil a pot of rice and when the rice boils over the sides, that signifies a fruitful coming year.

I was also given the special Pongal lunch, as was my driver, and the principal told me more about the school. I walked off the stage as the Pongal lunch was being served to the children. I got back outside and into the rickshaw as children and teachers came out to wave goodbye to me. When I finished I saw some of the teachers dabbing their eyes and I thought about how some upper caste Indians would look down on these children and down on me for even being with them. The teachers asked where I was from and what I did. It’s a group of yoga teachers and yoga students, both seasoned and newbie. Can someone tell me why anyone would chew gum in a yoga class? I can figure out how to get paid for my rants and musings I’d be set! When stress levels reach sky high, you can take a break to lie down and dissolve into one of these postures, soak in the relaxing sensations and come out a refreshed new person.

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