13 cases that health insurance does not cover

As much as you cancel annually for your insurance and have never had a claim, there are situations in which the company will completely ignore or want to pay in a limited way. If you are thinking of contracting a Health Insurance, you should take into account the following cases that are generally not covered: 1. Unreported illnesses at the time of filling out the Membership Application. The insurer could even request the cancellation of the contract. 2. Alternative recovery treatments, such as: relaxing environmental therapies, thermal baths, meditation and relaxation therapies. 3. Unreported hospitalizations and excesses charged by doctors and hospitals. 4. Congenital Diseases (manifest from birth, produced by a disorder that occurred during embryonic development, during childbirth, or as a consequence of a hereditary defect). 5. Psychic or nervous depression and mental disorders. 6. Routine checkups and preventive treatments.7. Dental procedures, which are not the result of an accident. 8. Cosmetic, orthopedic or plastic surgery. 9. Rental of hearing aids or lens frames. 10. Fees charged by physicians who are close relatives. 11. Accidents having used drugs and psychotropic substances. 12. Epidemics declared by competent authority and natural disasters. 13. AIDS.